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TMJ Oral Appliance
TMJ Oral Appliances

What are TMJ Oral Appliances?

TMJ oral appliances are special devices designed to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. The appliance works by helping to keep your lower jaw in a comfortable position while allowing it to move freely when needed. Depending on your needs, your dentist may recommend either an over-the-counter appliance or one custom made for you. With the right appliance, many people find relief from their TMJ symptoms and enjoy improved quality of life.

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If your TMJ is exacerbated by clenching, grinding, or malignment of teeth, our team of experts is here to help.

Oral appliances, which can be custom-made for each patient, work by helping to realign the jaw joints and support the muscles of the face. They also help reduce pressure on your teeth and jawbone, making it easier to open and close your mouth without pain or difficulty. By providing relief from TMJ symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, and neck stiffness, these appliance can improve quality of life for those suffering from TMJ disorder.

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