Are Migraines Interfering With Your Everyday Life But You Can’t Seem To Get Relief?

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TMJ migraine are a type of headache that can be triggered by TMJ. The usual cause for this condition are the auto-inflammatory disorders, most commonly in relation to muscles around your jawline and forehead area where there’s inflammation going on due to some sort or trauma experienced such as toothpaste getting stuck while brushing teeth before bedtime routine etcetera

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How do I know if my migraine is being caused by TMJ or something else?

Our experienced team can evaluate your symptoms an identify wether or not TMJ is the root cause in your particular situation.  A few of the symproms we look for include:

circle icon  Tight facial or jaw muscles

circle icon  Jaw or facial pain

circle icon  A “clicking” noise in the jaw

circle icon  Restricted movement of the jaw

circle icon  Changes in your bite


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